Wicked Easy Quilt – Flimsy

Today was a beautiful sunny day! We are considering today’s weather a bonus as the forecast was for rain and we got sun. Since my regular quilt hanger was not home and his sister is much shorter and does not have near the arm span, I took this quilt top outside and hung it from the deck for the picture. It is not every day that I get the option to take my quilt pictures outside.

I finished this Wicked Easy Quilt to the flimsy stage this morning. I did make a slight modification from the pattern. The pattern called for a “flap” as an inner border instead of a regular border. A note in the pattern indicated that if you intended to have the top quilted by a long armer, you might want to reconsider inserting the flap and just continuing on with the outside border. I like the looks of the inner border (red in my quilt) and I definitely plan on quilting this one on the long arm so I inserted a narrow 1″ regular border in place of the flap. The pattern mentioned that the inclusion of the inner border would anchor the quilt and give the eye a place to rest. I definitely think the inner border adds to this quilt–especially if you are using busy fabrics like I have. I had to insert a small block in the outer border to compensate for the increase in size of the outer border but because this quilt is pieced in a random sort of way, I don’t think it detracts from the overall quilt.

This afternoon while I was out running errands and grocery shopping, I stopped by the local quilt shop and picked up some batting so that I can begin quilting this one tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Wicked Easy Quilt – Flimsy

  1. After doing all my hst’s, it’d be nice to do something ‘wicked easy.’ 🙂

    My eye wants to force it into a symmetry or pattern, for some reason – especially the reds!

  2. I agree, you need the little inner border and you can’t even notice that you had to add an extra little piece. Looks good. Is that little inner border cut 1 inch or 1 1/2 inches?

  3. Hope you had a good Valentine’s day, Norma. This is a pretty quilt. I agree that the red inner border does add a lot to the quilt, and it is very smart of you to add one even if you couldn’t add it as a flap.

  4. Hi Norma, congratulations on having February’s goals met already!! Amazing…*VBS* Love the Wicked Easy quilt, sure does look like it did the trick and turned out soooo nicely. Your snowman is looking quite fine also. Hugs, Finn

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