New Year’s Eve

We had our big New Year’s feast last night–New Year’s Eve rather than on New Year’s Day. This gives everyone New Year’s Day to relax and rest up so that they are ready to go back to work and a regular schedule tomorrow!

These are pictures taken at dinner last night–we had the four immediate members of my family, the girlfriend and boyfriend of my son and daughter, and my parents. Our meal was simple–ham, mashed potatoes, peas, broccoli, salad and baking for desert–simple but delicious!

After dinner discussion was lively–the pros and cons of various large screen TV formats, computer technology, etc. This is my husband studying the research on TVs that he got off the Internet.

This is my husband and mother….

…and my son.

Later we spent the evening playing board gamesWizard, Sequence, and Scrabble.

The youngest finished up the evening with a movie while the oldest headed to bed–even if it wasn’t quite midnight in the Pacific! After all, it was 2007 somewhere in the world already!

This morning, those younger members of the family are still asleep and my husband headed off to work. I have the house to myself and I am enjoying the quiet.

I will leave you with a picture of Joey that sums up how I feel right now–too pooped to do much of anything after a great holiday season!

Happy New Year everyone!

9 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Happy New Year to you too, my friend! Good looking bunch. I see that someone got you in the picture on one of them—one of the kids must have stood in as photographer.

    We had a great dinner on the road and neither of us was hungry last night. I’m making up for that tonight, LOL.

  2. Obviously I know Scrabble – have been playing it since childhood – and we discovered Sequence 2-3 years ago – but what is Wizard? Sounds interesting. Our kids taught us a new game last night called Hand and Foot. It was a lot of fun. Takes 6 decks of cards so I guess I need to go buy a bunch for a “Hand and Foot” deck.

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time. It’s funny how everyone looks energized at the table and as the evening goes on they start to look like they’re ready for bed. Those were great pictures. Your kitty looks pooped out.

  4. Great pictures Norma, I love the crumb blocks you are using in your gratitude quilt. It’s a neat way to use up scraps without a lot of cutting.
    You finishes for 2006 are impressive!! I’m still debating which UFO will be my January flimsy…LOL Soon I hope!
    Hugs, Finn

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