January Snowman Block

This block is from my list of projects (see side bar) that I want to finish this year. This is from #4 on the list. …..just 11 more blocks to go–one per month for the year.

I have to work hard to catch up to Linda J as she is working on the month of May already! I hear that Pam has also joined us and will be starting work on her blocks soon.

This is my first attempt at red/blue work and I think I am hooked!

15 thoughts on “January Snowman Block

  1. I think a snowman embroidery of the month is one of the things I splurged on when I went shopping with Cathi and Cher. I’ll have to see if it’s the same one you are doing. If so I’ll be sorely tempted to join you. Even though I have no business doing such a thing!

  2. Whoo hoo would you look at you!! Good job Norma…you’re on your way with one down and here it is only the second week of the year!

    Both you and Linda are ahead of me…

  3. Your stitches look so nice – are you doing a stem stitch? I have a UFO with redwork blocks somewhere with just a few blocks left to do but I haven’t touched them in a few years.

  4. Oooh, love your bluework snowman. What a fun project! Also, your quilt from Friday’s post—wow, love it. I would love to do a baptist fan quilting design on my Bernina but haven’t quite figured out where to start it? Center or corner?

  5. Norma, girl, you did an excellent job! Can’t believe it’s the first time you’ve tried redwork! I finally got a couple of them transferred to their background fabric and ready to start stitching. I’ll really have to hustle to catch up with you! :p

  6. OK, OK, I give up, I think I’m surrendering to the temptation. Where did you get the snowman pattern? I may have to give in, buy the pattern and start making them myself.

  7. I could have sworn that I commented here on your blog—this venue gets goofier every day or I’m just confused. Naw, that can’t be it.

    Your block looks wonderful, Norma. The stitches look nice and even and I know that part concerned you at first. Bravo to you for trying a new technique! You even stitched the snowflakes where I just used a straight stitch on those. I really like these in the blue thread. I’ll slow down a bit though and in fact, put mine away so I could do a little quilting. Just found out that the t-shirt quilt is a “go” for the school auction so I’ll be back in that business starting tomorrow morning.

  8. Hi Norma, the snowman looks superb! Hard to believe it’s your first.
    I’ve joined the part also, and have the patterns..but must get some fabric ready to receive them. I’m sooooo slow at everything lately.
    Great pic of your Mom’s quilt. Love the Baptist fan quilting..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

  9. Love those snowmen. I’m thinking about making them small and using them as block centers in 12 CQ blocks. Haven’t gotten farther than thinking, though. Yours looks great!

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