Gratitude Quilt – Quilted

My Gratitude quilt is now quilted. I hope to finish prepping and attaching the binding to the quilt this afternoon so that all that will remain is the hand stitching.

I have two more customer quilts waiting in the wings, so I have told myself I only have this afternoon to work on this quilt–then it gets set aside until after the customer quilts are finished.

23 thoughts on “Gratitude Quilt – Quilted

  1. Oh I really really like how this turned out. My favorite quilt is my Christmas quilt, I won’t be surprised if your favorite quilt is YOUR Christmas quilt. WTG!!

  2. Oh Norma, I Love LOve LOVE your Christmas Gratitude quilt! How fun it will be to snuggle under that quilt in December 2007 (but I’d have to try it out waaaayyy before then LOL)! It’s really lovely! I still have gotten my January Christmas quilt pieced…and I’m almost out of January days to get it done in! :c

  3. Looks great- I still have to put the borders on that mystery quilt (just got home two days ago), and of course I’ll want to cosult with you- but I am really liking this pattern.

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