Projects Finished in 2006

I see by the posts made by other members in the blogging world that quilters are adding up their finished projects for the year. Measuring your progress for the past year seems like a good idea before setting goals for the new year, so here goes…..

I keep track of my UFOs, flimsies, completed projects, on a spreadsheet. When I went back and added things up, I see that I finished 26 projects in 2006.

10 small gifts (1 Christmas stocking and 9 pin cushions)

3 bed size quilts (green crumb quilt, rail fence around the world, fall snowball and nine patch)

1 charity quilt

1 pillow (summer paint chip challenge)

6 table toppers (1 table runner, 5 hexagon / octagon table toppers)

5 wall hangings (quilt show challenge, Christmas scrap/black nine patch, 3 JOY’s)

I am pretty pleased with this progress given that 20 of these projects were given away as gifts.

6 thoughts on “Projects Finished in 2006

  1. That’s a great list of fnished projects and to think 20 of them were gifts is even better. I think I’m going to start making more gifts this year. Thanks for the inspiration to do that.

  2. Good for you – that is a great list of accomplishments! Lots and lots of finished things.

    I’m so thankful you gave me the name “flimsy” so I could say I finished a few things. Thirteen flimsies completed sounds much better than only two completed quilts, only one of which was a UFO.

  3. Oh my, girl, you should be VERY pleased!!! And there are 20 lucky recipients out there that just have to feel like they hit the jackpot this Christmas!!! ;p You are such a generous person, and as someone else said, such inspiration! Thanks for being there! Happy, happy New Year, and may there be many more quilty days ahead!!! 😀

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