Finished Quilts


SINGING THE BLUES – 87″ x 99″ – March 7, 2017 ┬áDS

Christmas Patience Corners

CHRISTMAS CORNERS – 95″ x 107″ – December 16, 2012

2013_Sep 12_Plum Dotty_Finished

PLUM DOTTY – String Quilt – 96″ x 99.5″ – September 12, 2013


Tumbling Gum Drops - 36" square

TUMBLING GUM DROPS – 36″ square – March 1, 2015


ROOSTER TWIST - September 27, 2015

ROOSTER TWIST – October 13, 2009



One thought on “Finished Quilts

  1. I just got back from a trip to Hawaii. I saw your filmstrip quilt. I would love to use my fabric to make my daughter, stationed in Hawaii, this quilt. Can you tell me where to get the pattern? Also, a quilt you have posted called Christmas four corners. I love it! Can you tell me where I could find a pattern? My email address is: Thank you, sue

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