FVMQG 2018 Creativ Festival Challenge

This year my modern quilt guild’s annual challenge rules were:

1.  Pick up a challenge quilt envelope that contains a 10″ square of fabric in one of the colours from our guild logo.  The three challenge fabrics were all Free Spirit Cottons in the following colours:  Tropical, Jade, and Spring.

Free Spirit Solid - Tropical

Free Spirit Solid – Tropical

Free Spirit Solid - Jade

Free Spirit Solid – Jade

Free Spirit Solid - Spring

Free Spirit Solid – Spring

2.  The colour of the square in your envelope must be the dominant colour in your challenge quilt.

3.  Use the guild business card provided to show you the other colours that can be used and feel free to add as many of those colours as you would like.

Guild business card

Guild business card

4.  Solids only.  No prints.

5.  Neutrals can also be used.

6.  Size:  21″ x 21″ – square only, no other shapes

7.  Keep your quilt a secret.  Do not post pictures on Facebook.  Nothing is to be revealed until the quilts are hung and voted on by the public at the show.

The colour in the envelope that I received was Spring.  I love lime green so I was pretty happy that this was the colour that was assigned to me.

The challenge quilts were displayed for public viewing at the Creativ Festival show on March 16 and 17.

Creativ Festival Challenge Quilts - Group 1

Creativ Festival Challenge Quilts – Group 1

Creativ Festival Challenge Quilts - Group 2

Creativ Festival Challenge Quilts – Group 2

Creativ Festival Challenge Quilts - Group 3

Creativ Festival Challenge Quilts – Group 3

Creativ Festival Challenge Quilts - Part 4

Creativ Festival Challenge Quilts – Part 4

We have to wait until the April guild meeting to find out who won the Viewer’s Challenge Award and to see who made which quilt.


Sew-In Turns Into Snow-In


Today was supposed to be my modern guild’s sew-in day.  However, because of the accumulation of snow overnight and the related road condition issues that accompany a large snowfall, the university where we meet closed the campus.

Snow accumulation overnight was just over 12".

Snow accumulation overnight was just over 12″.

It seemed appropriate that I use my quilting ruler to measure the snow accumulation since it was supposed to be a sew-in day.


Our neighbour used his snow blower to clear our driveway for us.

Looking down our street.  DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0009

That patch of blue sky seems to be teasing us!DSC_0010 DSC_0011 DSC_0013 DSC_0014Our Sew-In day turned into a Virtual Sew-In day as guild members stayed home in their own individual sewing spaces and used the guild’s Facebook page to post progress on their projects.


More Scrappy Hexie Blocks

Yellow Scrappy Hexie Blocks

Yellow Scrappy Hexie Blocks

I am on a roll.  Today I finished 8 scrappy hexie blocks.  I don’t piece with a lot of yellow so when I saw a bag of yellow scraps/strings that someone had donated to the destash at our guild meeting, I snatched it up.  Yellow is such a happy, cheerful colour.  These blocks will definitely brighten up the finished quilt.

The Great Granny Bag

Our modern guild meeting was Thursday, February 8.  Our annual guild destash usually takes place at the January meeting.  Because many members were unable to make the January meeting because of a snow storm / freezing rain, we had Part II of our annual destash at our February guild meeting.

At destash night, members bring any usable items from their sewing rooms that they no longer have use for and put them out on the tables for other members to adopt for free.  After all, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, right?

Tables loaded with items from members' studios - destash night.

Tables loaded with items from members’ studios – destash night.

The tables were loaded!  In the bottom right hand corner of the photo (above) you can see some bamboo purse handles.  Another member and I each picked up a pair of these round bamboo handles.

Bamboo handles

Bamboo handles

After some discussion and joking around, a challenge was born – first person to finish a bag with their handles and post a picture to the guild’s Facebook page…

I worked the next day so I couldn’t start my challenge right away.  My challenge partner – Christine – is retired and she was able to start her bag immediately – Friday morning.  When I got home from work on Friday there was a picture to taunt me on Facebook with the caption, “Pattern cut, now to sew.  How is your bag coming along?”

Christine's bag in progress

Christine’s bag in progress

I got up early Saturday morning and got to work on my bag.  I worked through the day, checking Facebook frequently to make sure Christine hadn’t finished her bag yet.  I managed to finish my bag late in the afternoon and I got a picture of my finished bag posted to our guild’s Facebook page before Christine.

In the end, I am not sure who really won the challenge.  Although I was first to post a picture of a finished bag, Christine outdid me by finishing a total of 6 bags before she called it quits.

My bag was The Great Granny Bag which is a free bag tutorial on Emmaline Bags’ blog.

The Great Granny Bag

The Great Granny Bag

The Great Granny Bag - side view

The Great Granny Bag – side view

I modified the pattern by including a zippered pocket on the inside of the bag.  This was a new-to-me technique.  I made 2 pockets (not intentionally) before I got it right.

The Great Granny Bag - inside with zipper

The Great Granny Bag – inside with zipper

This  bag will be perfect for transporting projects-in-progress as it is very roomy inside.  The elastic on the sides gives it almost unlimited expansion room.

Thank you to whoever provided the bamboo handles on the destash table – they provided entertainment for a friendly challenge and the beginning of a very useful bag!

Because Christine and I were posting our progress to our guild’s Facebook page, other members were watching with interest.  The member who organized our destash night made a comment about being inspired to create a challenge for next year – January destash and February challenge.  It sounds like we can look forward to some more fun next year in conjunction with the destash.