Guild Quilt Show

Our quilt guild’s bi-annual show was this past Friday night and Saturday (October 17 and 18, 2014).  I was once again on the committee that hung the quilts.  We were very organized this year and had the quilts hung in record time.

I was also doing demos again this year. Unlike some other quilt shows, our guild does not just do demos at specific times during the show.  Our demos are on-going through the whole show.  This means that the people that are doing the demos are doing lots and lots of talking.  :)  There were four of us doing demos this year.  We had the most perfect spot with perfect lighting against this bank of windows.


This was my home for a day and a half while I demonstrated how to make string/crumb blocks using a stabilizer.  I use used color catchers as my foundation, but any other stabilizer product such as muslin or paper could be used.  If you use paper, you will have to remove the paper before quilting your quilt.  This is one reason why I use the color catchers–there is nothing to remove; the color catcher is not removed and stays in the quilt.  Granted the quilt is a bit heavier because of the additional layer.

The woman doing demos beside me was demonstrating another technique for using up scraps–making those fabric wrapped bowls that are so popular now.  We were very complimentary to one another with our demos as we were both showing how to use up scraps that some people put would put in the trash.

The quilts that I entered in this year’s show were:

~Yin and Yang

DSC_0575DSC_0577 DSC_0576

~Mexican Tiles

DSC_0619 DSC_0620 DSC_0621 DSC_0622

~The Pumpkin Patch

DSC_0583 DSC_0584

~Christmas Corners

DSC_0812 DSC_0813

~Home is the Best Place to Bee



And lastly, my entry into the challenge for this year’s show; Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.

DSC_0872I was very tired by the time I got home after quilt show take down last night.  …but ask me in two years if I am ready to do this again and my response will be a definite, Yes!!!


Four UFO Finishes For the Table

2014_July 1_Group Shot of Four Finishes-Optimized


Yesterday, I took the last stitches in the four table toppers/runners that I quilted last weekend.  These projects have been on the UFO pile for years.  I set out this year to quilt as many of the tops that have been sitting on the flimsy pile as I could.  I had some incentive from the guild’s UFO challenge this year which I won in June.  I am on a roll and don’t plan on stopping soon!

This group shot photo of the four finished projects was taken from the deck directly above the grass where i placed the quilts.  This may be my new favorite way to take pictures of quilts.  :)

2014_July 1_Daisy Table Runner-OptimizedThis sunflower table runner is from the pattern, Easy Striped Table Runner by Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company.  Years ago, this was a free pattern on the Timeless Treasures website.  They have taken it down now, but the pattern is for sale on several on-line quilting sites.  The following is taken from the pattern jacket.

Pattern Back - Easy Striped Table Runner

Although the pattern jacket says that this is the easiest project you will ever make, this project has been sitting on my “to be quilted pile” for years!  I made one of these table runners for my Mom years ago and I started one for myself right after finishing my Mom’s.  Like so often happens, the project that is destined as a gift gets finished and my project sits in the flimsy pile waiting for me to have some spare time to quilt it.  The pattern says that the runner finishes at 45″ long, but my version is only 35″ long.  Once you understand how the construction works, you can vary the size of the finished runner easily.

2014_July 1_Lilac Table Topper-Optimized

This lilac table topper is from the Spirals pattern by Ursula Riegel of Designs to Share with You.  I have made this topper many times over the years. It is a great pattern to showcase a novelty fabric.

While in Oregon on a trip with my Mother and Aunt in May 2008, I picked up this cute lilac print fabric.  I made table toppers for my Mother and my Aunt.  In 2009, I made a topper for myself.  It has sat in the flimsy pile waiting to be quilted until now.

2014_July 1_St Pat's Day Table Topper-Optimized

This is another table topper made from Ursula Riegel’s pattern.  Did you know that Ursula Riegel is a Canadian designer?  She is located on Vancouver Island in Victoria, BC.  I love to promote Canadian quilt designers.  :)

2014_July 1_St Pat's Day Table Runner-OptimizedThis table runner is from another of Ursula Riegel’s patterns called, It’s Fast, It’s Easy.  This is another pattern that I like to go to for seasonal projects as it showcases the novelty fabrics so well.

Pam sent me the St. Patrick’s Day fabric back in 2006.  Back then, it was nearly impossible to get any novelty fabrics for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter in Canada.  Now because the Canadians are demanding these fabrics they are a little easier to find in Canada.  Believe it or not, I have one more table runner made from this same batch of fabrics that is still on the “flimsy pile” waiting to be quilted.  :)



Valentine Projects

While I was in AZ on my vacation, I picked up a few Valentine’s Day fabrics from Joann to add to my stash.  I find Joann fabrics are not the same quality as the quilt shop fabric, but for a seasonal project that won’t get much wear they are perfect.  When you go into the stores now all you see are Valentine-themed chocolates and decorations so I decided to dig out the Valentine fabric and work on some projects.

These projects are still flimsies and they are remaining on my design wall until I get them quilted.  The smaller octagon is made from 5 x 3″ strips of fabric (finished topper:  25″ across) and the larger octagon is made from 6 x 3″ strips of fabric(finished topper:  30″ across).  Because the smaller table topper took less fabric, I had quite a bit of the leftover strata.  I decided to piece the leftovers together into the rectangle you see in the picture.  I am not sure if I will just quilt this the way it is or if I will add something more to it.


Stack’N Whack

Today’s MSN conversation between LindaJ and I started off innocent enough–as all our conversations seem to do.  No one could be labelled the instigator, and no one was leading someone else astray.  BTW, that is our story and we are sticking to it!  :)   Back to the conversation….Linda was telling me about her guild meeting today–some show and tell, but most of it relating to the program.  I asked what today’s program was about and Linda replied, Stack’N Whack.  Apparently, Linda’s guild is going to be doing a class on making Stack’N Whack fans at their next sew in later in February.  Then Linda mentioned that she won’t be doing the class.  She said she already has a hexagon Stack’N Whack project that is an old UFO.

Earlier in the afternoon,  I was chatting with my mother over Skype.  I noticed that she had the hexagon Stack’N Whack table topper that I made her years ago on her table.  Seeing that table topper got me thinking about my old hexagon Stack’N Whack UFO.  Ironic that Linda was now talking about a hexagon Stack’N Whack UFO!  (Sometimes we think so much alike it is almost scary!  LOL)

Then of course the challenge started to unfold–Linda challenged me to finish my hexagon Stack’N Whack UFO next month too.  Our conversation went something like this:

Linda:  Do you know where your project is?

Me:  Oh yes.  Safe and sound in a box.

Linda:  I have a pretty good idea where mire is too although it has moved over the years.

Me:  What size is your project going to be?

Linda:  Oh my—who remembers?

Me:  LOL

Linda:  Like the book.

Me:  OK, that does it – we both need to move these projects on.

Linda:  Yes we do.

Me: I didn’t remember I had one, you aren’t sure about the details about yours.

Linda: Seriously we do.

And so it always starts–from a small spark in a conversation.  Before we know it, we have plans for the next project.  We keep each other motivated and on track to completion.  We are also responsible for creating a few new UFO’s along the way.  But given that UFO’s are a part of this creative process, this should not be a surprise.  We both have way more ideas about what quilts we want to make than we have time to finish them.

We both agreed that we would document something about our UFO hexi’s so here is the detail about mine.

table topper stack n whack_2

Stack’N Whack table topper belonging to my Mother.

This first picture is a photo of the hexagon Stack’N Whack table topper that I made for my Mother and gifted to her years ago.  (circa 2003)  I had enough fabric at the time to make myself a matching table topper, but I only finished the one topper for my mother.

Class Sample from Stack'N Whack class on November 2, 2002

Class Sample from Stack’N Whack class on November 2, 2002

More class samples.

More class samples.

On November 2, 2002, I took a class from Betty F. (a member of the same quilt guild as me).  Betty brought along some great class samples and I remember falling in love with the hexagon shaped blocks made into a hexagon table topper.  I stored that idea away for later.

My Stack'N Whack quilt from the November 2, 2002 class sponsored by our Guild.

My Stack’N Whack quilt from the November 2, 2002 class sponsored by our Guild.

This was the project that I started in that class and later finished and gifted (along with the rest of my family members) to a cousin’s daughter’s wedding in early 2003.

My Stack'N Whack fabric before cutting.

My Stack’N Whack fabric before cutting.

After finishing the lap size hexagon Stack’N Whack project, I pondered the possibility of kaleidoscope designs in almost every fabric I saw.  After Christmas in 2002, the Christmas fabrics went on sale and I picked up this yardage.  The colours were not what I thought traditional Christmas colours were and I knew if you cut the fabric up, you would not be able to recognize most of the Christmas elements of the fabric.  Once this fabric is cut into pieces it reminds me more of the Mexican inspired pottery I have seen in the southern U.S. states, rather than Christmas.

UFO - Stack'N Whack blocks

UFO – Stack’N Whack blocks

My UFO box contained these 9 completed blocks and a stack of triangles cut for another 8 blocks.  I also had some purple fabric in there.  I must have considered a purple background for these blocks at one point, although, a black background won out in the project I completed for my mother.

So, it would appear that this hexagon Stack’N Whack table topper will be the next project in the queue.  Since this particular project only needs 7 blocks, I am not sure what will happen with the leftover blocks.  I also have quite a bit of that yardage left.  So, I may have more than one project left here to make.  We will have to see where this ends up taking me.

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