Guild Retreat & Odds, Ends and Leftovers – Mystery – Clue Two

Today the traditional guild that I belong to had an all day retreat.  The guild covered the rental of the facility.  The cost to each member to attend was a Toonie!  We had the use of the facility from 9:30  in the morning until 7:30 at night.  Each member brought their own lunch and something to share for the potluck at supper time.  The facility is well lit and we definitely had lots of room to spread out.

This was the view from my sewing machine.  Charlotte was thrilled to be at the retreat and happily hummed away without putting up any fuss as I worked on my projects. The light is one of two that were gifted to me at Christmas from my husband.

2015_January 24_Chilliwack PieceMakers Retreat_Charolette-Optimized

The light is called Jansjo and can be purchased from IKEA for just $12.99.  I would recommend you get one…or two.  I have one in black that travels with Charlotte, my Featherweight and I have a second one in white that lives at home with Heidi, my Bernina.  The LED light is bright enough to illuminate your work area and the bendable neck of the lamp is totally adjustable.  The lamp also comes in these cool colours!2015_January 24_Jansjo LED Table Lamp_IKEA-OptimizedThe day was very productive for me.  I was able to finish Clue Number Two in Gyleen Fitzgerald’s Bricks, Cobblestones, and Pebbles mystery that she has called, Odds, Ends and Leftovers.

I was also able to finish piecing the other 20 cobblestone blocks.  Gyleen suggested that although the extra 20 cobblestones were not required for this step, we should go ahead and piece them now.  Apparently Clue Number Four is a “bear” and we will be glad we listened to her and paced out the work as she suggested.  Gyleen suggested we use the EZ Angle ruler to cut the triangles.  I don’t have that ruler so I used one of my regular straight rulers.  I didn’t have any issues with my triangles fitting onto the sites of my piece.  I am ready for Clue Number Three which is supposed to be posted on Facebook on Monday.  Gyleen has said there will be a total of five clues.

2015_January 24_Odds, Ends and Leftovers_Mystery_Clue 2-Optimized


I was also able to get three blocks put together for my Strips Stacks project.  Strip Stacks is a pattern from GE Designs.  I had started this project the prior Saturday at the Modern guild’s sew-in.  I got all of the cutting completed at that sew in but I didn’t really have much time left to sew anything together.  This quilt is made from a jelly roll of Batiks that I purchased from Desert Stitchin at the Tucson Quilt Show last year.
2015_January 24_Strip Stacks_Blocks-OptimizedThis quilt will have a definite Southwest feel with this colour palette.


Guild Sew In & Gyleen’s Bricks, Cobblestones, and Pebbles

I joined a group on Facebook led by Gyleen Fitzgerald called, Gyleen’s Bricks, Cobblestones, and Pebbles.  Each Monday, instructions will be posted for the next step of this quilt project.  it is a bit of a mystery as none of us know what the final quilt will look like.

The objective is to use up all the pre-cut squares and strips we have stored.  This is intended to be a very scrappy project.  The project uses 2.5″ strips, 2.5″ squares (gravel),  and 3.5″ squares (pebbles).  We have been told that we will also need a 6.5″ EZ angle.

Yesterday at the Modern Quilt Guild’s Sew-In, I finished step one.  Here it is…

Gyleen's Bricks Cobblestones and Pebbles_Step 1-Optimized

I may have to make this project a few times to empty the totes of pre-cut squares and strips I have accumulated over the years.  :)

This picture was taken by Barbara of me.  It looks like I am really concentrating on my piecing!  LOL

2015_January 17_FVMQG Sew In_Norma_Picture Taken by Barbara-Optimized

Yin and Yang Scrap Quilt – In Process

I am busy working on another scrap quilt.  I am calling this one, Yin and Yang after the Chinese symbol by the same name. 2014_September 22_Yin and Yang Scrap Quilt (1)-OptimizedI boldly entered this quilt in our upcoming guild’s quilt show on October 17 and 18 even though it isn’t finished yet.

2014_September 22_Yin and Yang Scrap Quilt (2)-Optimized

This quilt will be 8 blocks wide by 13 blocks long.  So far, I have 8 columns put together so technically I am more than half way done.  :)

Countryside Quilters 1st Quilt Show

On Saturday, I attended the Countryside Quilters first quilt show.  Despite the small number of members–only 27–this group put on a huge show–over 400 quilts!!!

I have seen pictures of quilts displayed in the sanctuary of churches before but I had never attended a quilt show in person where the quilts were displayed in this way.


The golden glow created by the lighting in the church combined with the colours of the quilts made the display breathtaking.  I was glad I was there first thing in the morning though as the aisles quickly became crowded.


I really liked this scrap quilt.  I am going to have to try this layout for some of my string blocks in the future.

DSC_0550I have a maverick star quilt on my list of quilts to make.  I really like the effect of the red background on this star quilt.  Red is not always a colour that you see as a background, but it really works on this quilt.

Bed Turning (1)

The group also hosted old fashioned bed turnings at different times during the day.  I was there for the 10:30 bed turning.  One of the group members told me that the quilts displayed during the bed turning were not necessarily the fanciest quilts, but they were the ones with the best stories.  She was right–many of those stories were enough to bring you to tears.Bed Turning (2)Bed Turning (12)

For a slideshow of more pictures of the show, click here.

This quilt show proves that you don’t have to have a huge membership to put on a great display of quilts!

Update:  I found another slide show on YouTube that someone else had posted for this show.  It is always interesting to look at someone else’s pictures for the same event that you attended to see things from their eyes.  Click here to enjoy!

Crumb Blocks Find a Home

I had a large pile of crumb blocks that desperately needed to find a quilt home.  These blocks have been sitting on the shelf in my studio for years collecting dust.  As we all know, blocks on a shelf do not do much for warming a body or soul.

So, recently, I took that stack of 40 crumb blocks off the shelf and transformed them into two large lap size quilt tops. (62″ x 74″).

At one point I had all 40 blocks sewn together into one large quilt top without sashing and cornerstones.  I wasn’t happy with the chaotic look of that top and so I picked out the seams and stacked the blocks back on the shelf.  The blocks sat for a few more years without being touched because of the memories invoked by all that reverse sewing that I did!

crumb1 crumb2Each crumb block is pieced together from 4 smaller, 6″ square crumb blocks.  There is everything in these blocks–nine patches collected from a guild nine patch block exchange many years ago, scraps of fabric from leftover quilts made for Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, floral, and other themed quilts.  These quilt tops are truly a trip down memory lane.  It always surprises me how much emotion and memories can be triggered by looking at the scraps of fabric in one of these quilts.

Fabric requirements for each quilt:

20 crumb blocks – 11.5″ square

Sashing – 34″ WOF cut into 17 – 2″ wide strips, subcut into 49 – 11.5″ strips

Border – 35″ WOF cut into 7 strips – 5″ wide

Backing – 4 meters