Abbotsford Quilt Guild’s Quilts in the Valley Show

This weekend, the Abbotsford Quilters’ Guild is hold their show, Quilts in the Valley.  I headed to the show yesterday.  The following are some of the quilts that caught my attention.

This quilt is Hanging Garden by Cozy Quilt Design.  I have seen this quilt done before but never in a scrappy version.  Of course the quilting on this one was fabulous too!

DSC_0679-Optimized This was an original design.  This one caught my eye–likely because of the recent triangle workshop I attended.DSC_0681-Optimized This quilt is from the pattern Mesmerize by Natalia Bonner.

DSC_0682-Optimized This quilt was from Glorious Patchwork by Kaffe Fassett.DSC_0685-Optimized I could make this one today as I recognized many of the floral fabrics in this one as being in my stash as well!  I think someone has been collecting floral fabrics for as long as I have!DSC_0687-Optimized This quilt made me smile.  It depicts so many typical fall, winter, and spring days here on the coast.  I love the brightly coloured umbrellas that brighten the otherwise grey day.  The quilting on this one was perfect.  You really get the feeling that it is raining.DSC_0695-Optimized This quilt was in the Quilts of Valor booth.  The bluework blocks were definitely Canadian and really caught my eye.  DSC_0697-Optimized These quilts were completed as part of the guild’s Scrappy Stars Mystery.  The pattern source is Save The Scraps by Gayle Bong.DSC_0711-Optimized DSC_0712-OptimizedThis quilt was getting a lot of attention.  The maker raw edge appliqued the circles.  But before she did that, she pinked the edges.  The quilting on this one definitely made the quilt.  The pattern source was Quilts and More, Bubble Up by Sachiko Aldous.
DSC_0714-OptimizedScrappy quilts always get my attention.  The source given for this quilt was just Quilters Newsletter Magazine.  Too bad the designer was not credited as this was a fabulous quilt.
DSC_0719-Optimized DSC_0720-Optimized While at the show, I sat through a demonstration on the Split Nine Patch quilt.  This block is so effective in lights and darks.  The gal demonstrating said that she was inspired by a picture of a similar quilt on Pinterest.  Who of us has not been inspired by Pinterest!  :)DSC_0723-Optimized My favorite quilt of the whole show was actually this one.  The quilt maker worked together with her father who upholstered furniture for a living.  The two of them worked together on this quilt…even as her father was diagnosed with cancer and went through treatments.  The chair was finished and one week later her father passed away with cancer.  What a fabulous memory of her father!DSC_0724-Optimized DSC_0726-OptimizedThere were a lot of vendors at this show and I found a couple of things to purchase.  I can’t show any photos of my purchases as they are part of the two challenges I am working on.  There were a lot of other things that tempted me, but all I had to do was think about the many projects on the go at home already and I was able to walk away without buying anything new.


2 thoughts on “Abbotsford Quilt Guild’s Quilts in the Valley Show

  1. My favorite would be that one only attributed to Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine. It will be hard for anyone to find the pattern with such sketchy information. Wonderful quilt!

    Of course, the best story is the last one. No wonder they had that roped off so no one would think of sitting on the display. How meaningful that has to be for the woman who made it with her dad. Lovely in the white and shades of blue, isn’t it?

  2. Wonderful review of the quilt show this weekend. Now I realize what I missed out on. Thanks for the wonderful pictures! Warmly

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