New Couch and Chair

Today I was eagerly awaiting the delivery of our new couch and chair.  We ordered this furniture during a Black Friday sale.  However, the purchase was considered custom as we picked our own fabrics so delivery was delayed for a couple of months while the furniture was built.

DSC_0579The chair is my husband’s Lazy Boy.  It is the couch that is new.  The fabric looks like it is striped but it isn’t in reality.  You have to love what a camera flash does to colour and texture!


This is my chair.  The chair reclines so that I can put my feet up.  I bet you can’t guess where I will be spending my evenings now!  You can see my project basket and sewing tools on the table beside the chair.2013_Nov24_Threadcatcher from LindaThis is the threadcatcher that LindaJ made for me for my birthday last year.  This is the perfect addition to my hand stitching area.  Thank you, LindaJ!


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