Dryer Sheet String Flimsy

This was yesterday’s finish. The dryer sheet string top is now a completed flimsy. This is another big one – 92″ wide x 104″ long. I have used up every last little scrap of the blue batik star fabric on the sashing and outer border. I was originally going to put a 6″ outer border on this one, but the remaining fabric after cutting sashing only allowed for a 4″ border. I have lots of the red fabric left so this one will likely be bound in red once it is quilted.

We are in for another bright sunny day and you can see the sun already shining through the top of this quilt top as it hangs from the clothes line.

7 thoughts on “Dryer Sheet String Flimsy

  1. gorgeous—like stained glass with the light peaking through. Is this that fabric that you were having the bleeding problems with—and ended up using that retayne to stop it?

  2. Beautiful quilt! I agree that it looks like stained glass. I like the idea of using dryer sheets as your foundation. It makes the quilt lighter in weight. I made a similar quilt using fabric and it seems really heavy to me and it’s not yet quilted.

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