Wacky Fab Challenge #2 – Reveal

Wednesday night was the reveal for our Wacky Fab Challenge #2. The last package had arrived at its destination during the day on Wednesday. When I got home from work, there was a message for me letting me know that the planned reveal would be at 6 pm. I had just enough time to grab a bite to eat for supper. I guess I was taking a little too long because precisely at 6 pm the phone rang. The call display said Alabama. I knew I had to quickly grab my camera and get to my computer–or else I would have some explaining to do!

One by one we opened our packages and then quickly took pictures of the contents of the packages to share with the rest of the group.

This is Joey assisting with the opening of my package. The tape slowed me down and some of the other FABs wanted to know if I needed assistance in opening. LOL It is all part of the suspense.
This is what was inside my package…..summery placemats from Linda.

There were four placemats in total – one for each member of my family.
Thank you Linda! The applique is fabulous!

Do you remember me teasing with just a sliver of the project I was working on?


This is a picture of the challenge fabric:

This is a picture of the project that I made from the challenge fabric for Pat.

This picture was taken when the top was still a flimsy, before it was quilted and left my house for Pat’s house. The pattern is 4 Patch Stacked Posies from HD Designs. I know that Pat had been admiring the 4 Patch Posie quilts that Linda and I had been working on. Pat wanted to make her own 4 Patch Posie but she is a very disciplined quilter and has a quilting to-do list with at least another 10 quilts on it to make before she was prepared to start one of these. Now Pat has her 4 Patch Posie quilt and she can stay on track with her other 10 projects!
We had to use a large percentage of the 1 yard piece of challenge fabric we received while staying within the theme of summer. A Summer in Winter challenge. Summer to me is all about heat. Heat in colour is red, orange, and yellow. As soon as I received the challenge fabric in the mail I knew instantly what fabric I was going to use with it–this large floral depicting the colours I associate with heat–red, orange, and yellow.
This is the same quilt, now quilted at at Pat’s house.
This was a great challenge. Thanks to Cher and Pat for organizing.
I believe Linda and Pam are responsible for the next challenge–details TBD in the future.

2 thoughts on “Wacky Fab Challenge #2 – Reveal

  1. Thank you for the wonderful 4pp! It is totally awesome :)

    The placemats are going to look great on your table! What a great job at applique Linda made for you!

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