Wednesday’s Mail

This is what was in the mail on Wednesday when I came home from work. The postcard is from Pat while she was on vacation in Michigan. The other items below the keyboard are from Pam.

There are foundation strips for doing flying geese and some Thangles for doing triangles. I am triangle phobic and Pam is determined to cure me. I believe I agreed to try triangles using her tools if she agreed to try making a scrap quilt. I think Pam is as scrap phobic as I am triangle phobic. Maybe we can come up with a scrappy triangle pattern and work on it together!

The brown paper package is my WFC–wacky FAB challenge. Pam had my name and I have Cher’s name. I am getting ready to mail my package to Cher today. Once all the FABs have their packages, we will open them all together while we are on line together. Such fun!

I love getting mail. The only thing better than getting mail is getting mail from Internet buddies! Thank you Pat and Pam for making my day!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Mail

  1. quilty mail is the best! Try it, you’ll like it for you and Pam.

    Pat is still working on mine but hey, the deadline was not till August. Plenty of time.

    You must have comp day and I just got home a couple hours ago.

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