Snow Day!

Today was another snow day! This time no one went anywhere. The winds came up and caused havoc on the highways when white out conditions resulted. Brrrr it is cold out there!

13 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. I think it’s cold all across Canada. Our wind chills are -44 this morning. We had a blizzard predicted but it didn’t snow much so it was only the extreme cold to deal with.

  2. It looks pretty in the pictures but I know you are mightily sick of it. Whiteout conditions are not good so I hope people didn’t had the good sense to stay put. So much for spring karma!

  3. Boy Norma, looks like a lot of snow to me! Waaay more than I need to be happy.
    Love the post below with the bright yellow shirt and slippers…too funny!! Big hugs, Finn

  4. It looks so pretty. I know it’s terrible for people who have to drive in it but I love snow. I was hoping we’d get some Tuesday but we didn’t. Ours is all old and dirty now – we need a new dusting.

    I usually like taking photos on my balcony but all my finishes recently have been late at night so they’ve been tossed across the chair.

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