Customer Quilt – Purple Star

This quilt belongs to a customer. Just to prove that I have been quilting–just not necessarily for myself, I thought I would show this quilt.

This quilt has been quilted with my Circle Lord Baptist Fan template. This template is an all time favorite of mine!

15 thoughts on “Customer Quilt – Purple Star

  1. The fans look great on everything but this quilt looks amazing.

    I had the chance to meet Michael and Kay at MQS and I’ve ordered the spirals – can’t wait for them to come!

  2. The quilt looks great with the Baptist fans.

    I guess the flood watch is pretty much over for you? Hopefully summer is coming soon!!

  3. This is a pretty quilt – I really like purple. I really like the Baptist Fan design too. I was going to ask you about all those starts and stops but looking at the photo, I see that you aren’t doing that. Neat!

  4. How striking this quilt looks especially with the quilting that just enhances the designs. I keep looking at it trying to pick out the two blocks that I think make it up. I really like the variegated threads you used on the dryer sheet one as well. Very effective with the scrappiness of the string sections. Well done, Norma!

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